My Story

I started collecting textiles before I started sewing bags. I have always been drawn to fabrics that were bold, bright, and vintage. Stacks of vivid floral table linens were starting to pile up in a closet, taking up space. I thought I should do something with these, so I combined my love for bags with my love for textiles and Big Q Little Q was created. I strive to make each bag better than the last, continually working on design, interfacing, piping and dying fabric. I started sewing not too long before making bags and although I'm the daughter of an avid sewer, I am mostly self taught. I relyed on books and you tube videos to help me with my skills. There were many times though I had to phone an expert and my mom would be waiting to give me a midnight lesson via Skype hundreds of miles away. 

I find textiles in many places, they can come from the thrift store down the street, the local quilt shop, estate sales or antiques fairs. Some have been given to me by friends or purchased from my favorite etsy sellers specializing in vintage and designer fabric. The textiles are often rare or purchased in a small quantity, therefore I'm limited to how many times I can use a print, making each bag unique and most one of a kind. 

Someone asked me once to describe my bags. I simply said, "their fun." Whether your style is retro or modern they are a pretty versatile accessory. A Big Q Little Q Bag can dress up your favorite pair of jeans, or play down that little black dress. There are styles to take to lunch, cocktails, or market and the places in between. 

When I'm not sewing, I'm outside in the garden working on my green thumb. I heart rock climbing and drinking lots of coffee. I am a wife to Big Q and a Mama to Little Q. They keep me grounded, they keep me passionate, they keep me loved. They are my biggest supporters and at times my toughest critics. We live outside of DC and take advantage of everything that it offers; history, parks, museums, and delicious  restaurants. On Saturdays you'll find us making memories in the mountains or walking the fur babies along the Potomac.